Status Conditions
Temporary Conditions
JPN ENG Icon Effect Cascaded Effect
幸福 Happy status-kouhuku.jpg Overjoyed. May not follow orders. Non-functional. Defense drops.
凍結 Freeze status-touketu.jpg Frozen, Cannot move; weak to Electric skills.
(Evasion rate against Physical drops to zero.)
Weaker against Electric skills. Fire skills hastens recovery.
感電 Shock status-kanden.jpg Electrocuted. Cannot move; weak to Ice skills.
(Evasion rate against physical attack drops to zero.)
Weaker against Ice skills.
混乱 Panic status-konran.jpg Panicked. Will act unpredictably. Victim may move to another position.
魅惑 Charm status-miwaku.jpg Under the enemy's sway. Will attack allies. Damage increases.
縛り Bind status-sibari.jpg Unable to move. No change.
睡眠 Sleep status-suimin.jpg Defense decreases. Evasion rate drops to zero. Defense further drops. Physical attacks hastens recovery.
不運 Unlucky status-huun.jpg Luck decreases sharply.
(Evasion against Luck-based skills drops like Deathtika, Petrama, Paralama, Poisma, and Nervma.)
Luck further drops, eventually to zero.
クローズ Mute status-close.jpg Cannot invoke Personas. Failure rate increases; even succeed, damage inflicted decreases. Eventually failure rate increases to 100%.
罪悪 Guilt status-zaiaku.jpg Weight of one's guilt makes attacks impossible. Non-functional.
盲目 Blind status-moumoku.jpg Decreased vision. Hit % and evade % lowered. Rates drop. At the most, severe conditions even SP-consuming actions are inhibited.
恐怖 Terror status-kyouhu.jpg May flee from battle from fear of enemies. Non-functional. Victim's escape rate increases.

The Severe and Beneficial Conditions below do not have a cascaded effect.

Severe Conditions
JPN ENG Icon Effect
猛毒 Poison status-moudouk.jpg Poison slowly reduces character's HP.
(Attack drops by half. Victim loses 1/6 X maximum HP at end of each turn. Effect persists after battle; 1 HP loss for every 2 steps.)
麻痺 Paralyze status-mahi.jpg Unable to move; SP slowly decreases.
(Loses 1/16 X maximum SP amount of Magic Atk. Condition is recovered after battle.)
石化 Stone status-sekika.jpg Cannot move or dodge. Physical defense lowers.
(Chance of being hit by critical strikes increases. Condition is recovered after battle.)
病気 Sick status-byouki.jpg Illness drastically decreases HP.
(Victim loses 1/8 X maximum HP at end of each turn. Effect persists after battle; 1/8 X maximum HP loss for every 4 steps.)
瀕死 KO status-hinsi.jpg Unconscious, Cannot move.
(Fallen victim can be revived with skills or items during battle. After battle, victim will be revived with 1 HP.)
Beneficial Conditions
JPN ENG Icon Effect
透明 Cloak status-toumei.jpg Target becomes transparent and will not be a selectable target of enemies. However, the invisible target can still be hit be area spell. Other drawbacks include lowered magical defense and inability to summon Persona
凶暴 Fury status-kyoubou.jpg Will singlemindedly attack with a weapon.
(Cannot assign commands. MAtk and Hit % increases, and target will use HP-damaging Persona skills automatically.)
人形 Puppet status-ninbyou.jpg Under party's control. Cannot use skills.
(Able to control a fallen ally. The puppet can perform all action, except summoning Personas.)
暴走 Berserk status-bousou.jpg Enraged Persona acts on its own.
(Cannot assign commands. Attack and Hit % increases, and target will perform Attacks automatically.)
反撃 Counter status-hangeki.jpg Enhanced reflexes allow counter-attacks.
ウルフ Beast status-wolf.jpg Bestial abilties shift with the moon's phase.
(All stats are synchronized with the Moon Phases. The fuller, the stronger.)
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