Snow Queen Quest Preparation


The Snow Queen Quest (雪の女王編) or SQQ consists of three major dungeons: Hypnos Tower (ヒュプノスの塔), Nemesis Tower (ネメシスの塔), and Thanatos Tower (タナトスの塔). In order to get all five Ambrosia (アンブロシア), a Totem that allows players to fuse the ultimate Personas for each character, one must start from the most difficult Thanatos Tower. This section talks about how to approach this ordeal.

Notice that in this walkthrough there will be some mild spoilers including names of the dungeons, potential party members, and key items.


The SEBEC and SQQ routes mildly overlap. It would be helpful to keep a save file before the triggering point, so that when you come back to start another route, you will not have to do the whole beginning again.

The overlapped storylines are:

  1. Leave the Infirmary (保健室) in St. Hermelin High (聖エルミン学園).
  2. Start doing the steps required to get Reiji.
  3. Visit the Mikage Hospital (御影総合病院).
  4. Fight your way out the Transformed Mikage Hospital (異界化御影総合病院).
  5. Visit the Alaya Shrine (アラヤ神社) and rescue a relative of one of MC's friends.
  6. Head back to St. Hermelin High for protection.
  7. Keep a save here for future use.
  8. Decide if you'd like to start the Snow Queen Quest or go on with SEBEC.

The major part of this SQQ pre-walkthrough focuses on the time before you visit the Alaya Shrine. Then the second important part will happen once SQQ is triggered. We will go through them in sequence.

Preparation needed to be done after leaving the Infirmary

Reiji recruitment

Read the way to recruit Reiji and complete the first half of the routes. You'll need to talk to different people in St. Hermelin High (聖エルミン学園), Joy Street (ジョイ通り), and the Abandoned Factory (廃工場) to make Reiji available in the SEBEC route. Remember, Reiji does not join the SQQ, but in order to reuse the save later, you'll need to do this now. If you don't care about Reiji, skip this part.

Between the Mikage Hospital and Alaya Shrine

Encounters in the Mikage Hospital

You'll have Mark, Nanjo, and Yukino in your team. Once the Hospital transforms, demons start to show up. Focus on leveling up only the MC by letting him hit the most and finish the most enemies. You may do so by commanding the rest of the members to guard. There is a free recovery point on the last floor for you to abuse. However, if you are risk adverse, you may start buffing up the MC's Level after you have located the recovery point. When the MC levels up, allocate all the points to Ag. Once you have exited the Transformed Mikage Hospital, Elly will join force.

First, right after getting out from the Hospital, finish the step one of the second half of the Reiji recruitment. Do not go to the Alaya Shrine yet, because we still have the following things to do.

Keep leveling up the MC

Encounters will start to happen once you have escaped from the Hospital. Keep focusing on leveling up only the MC by doing the following:

  1. Get random encounters by re-entering into the Hospital or walk around Mikage-cho (御影町).
  2. Let MC finish off all the demons, have other party member heal or guard.
  3. When leveling up, throw most of the points into Ag so that MC can often act first.
  4. MC's Persona, Seimen Kongou, will learn Magaru (マハガル) soon. Once this skill is available, abuse it. However, refrain from using this skill on Pixie (ピクシー) or Nacht Kobold (ナハトコボルト) since it will reflect. For these two enemies, switch to physical attacks.

The minimum Level required is 20, preferably 21. Also, it will not hurt if you go beyond that.

Obtain spell cards

Collect at least the following spell cards for fusing Personas at the Ice Castle.

JPN ENG Contact
ゾンビさん Mr. Zombie Dance (Mark)
スライム Slime Taunt (MC)
ピクシー Pixie Brag (Mark)
ガキ Preta Dance (Mark), Sarcasm (Nanjo)
ゾンビくん Zombie Boy Dance (Mark)
ケットシー Cait Sith Stare (Mark), Brag (Mark)
ナハトコボルト Nacht Kobold Bribe (Nanjo), Invite (Elly)
ジャックフロスト Jack Frost Invite (MC)
イヒカ Ihika Dance (Mark), Sarcasm (Nanjo)
ちんぴら Hoodlum Bribe (Nanjo), Invite (Elly)

Since you can carry at most 12 spell cards, get any two more if you wish.

Save up money

A budget of 500,000 Yen is recommended to equip the teammates at the shops inside the upper floors of the Thanatos Tower. Each encounter can earn you about 900 to 2,000 Yen. You may also sell the loots for a quicker result such as extra equipment, Life Stones (魔石), etc. However, keep all the Magical Guards (マジカルガード) from the Ghosts or Zombie Girls, about 20 will be ideal, they will be quite useful later. A good way, if you are any good at Code Breaker (コードブレイカー), is to shoot for the 3rd PRIZE to win the Divine Voice + Metal Card (ゴッドボイス + メタルカード) at Joy Street using the bottom right machine. Divine Voice (ゴッドボイス) sell for 15,000 Yen each and the extra Metal Card (メタルカード) means you can repeat this indefinitely.

Get acquainted with the casino games

To stand a chance in the Thanatos Tower you will need some strong skills. The way to achieve this is through the casino, Judgment 1999, in the Ice Castle, which has the following rewards:

JPN ENG Cost Target Effect
炎魔の石版 Evil Fire Tablet 3,000 coins All foes Maragidyne
凍魔の石版 Evil Ice Tablet 5,000 coins All foes Mabufudyne + Freeze
風魔の石版 Evil Wind Tablet 3,000 coins All foes Magarudyne
震魔の石版 Evil Quake Tablet 3,000 coins All foes Magrydyne
灼熱の石版 Scorching Tablet 3,000 coins All foes Megidolaon
烈波の石版 Gale Tablet 3,000 coins All foes Mazandyne
双璧の石版 Wall Tablet 3,000 coins All foes Magrydyne
閃光の石版 Flash Tablet 5,000 coins All foes Maziodyne + Shock

Other than being used as an item, these tablets can also be added to Persona fusions as an ingredient. What will happen is that the Persona will learn the corresponding skill after reaching Rank 2. Since there are five members in the team, getting five tablets would be a good idea. The recommended choices are one Evil Fire Tablet (炎魔の石版) for 3,000 coins; one Evil Ice Tablet (凍魔の石版) for 5,000 coins; two Scorching Tablets (灼熱の石版) for 6,000 coins; and one Flash Tablet (閃光の石版) for 5,000 coins. Totaling 19,000 coins.

For starter, try the slot machines. Once you get about 100 coins, try the video poker machines. Bet to the highest 10 coins. If you win, try double up by attempting a HI & LOW. Save often. You may start gambling now or later when you have entered the SQQ. Make a save file backup here just in case if you might have forgotten to do something.

After visiting the Alaya Shrine

After the event at the Alaya Shrine. Head to St. Hermelin High and initiate the SQQ by doing the following:

  1. Talk to the female student (女子生徒) in Class 2-4.
  2. Talk to Tsutomu (黒瓜) in the Library on the 3F.
  3. Head to the Drama Club (演劇部) at the St. Hermelin Gym on the 1F and talk to the people inside. (Walk through the emergency exit on the 1F, pass through the trash burner in the 1F Passageway, and walk around the outside of the gym and you'll find some club rooms at the other end. The Drama Club is at the first door, but also visit the other rooms cause you'll get some extra equipments!)
  4. Head back up to the 3F and talk to the people in the Student Council Room (生徒会).
  5. Go downstairs to the 1F and talk to Principal Ooishi (大石校長) in the Principal's Office (校長室).
  6. Now go back to the St. Hermelin Gym, go inside the Gym (体育館) and go through the door next to the stage. You'll enter the Gym Storage (倉庫). Take the key item, Snow Queen Mask (雪の女王の仮面), from inside the box. (If the room states "There seems to be nothing here.", you may be missing a step in getting the Snow Queen Mask.)
  7. Head back to the 1F Passageway and watch the scene.

You have now initiated the Snow Queen Quest!!

Life in the Ice Castle (氷の城)

Two members, Ayase and Yukino, are the default members in this quest. That leaves you to pick two more party members out of Elly, Nanjo, and Brown. If you wish to use all of the characters, you'd probably pick Reiji in the SEBEC route. Thus you will be skipping Brown and Elly, so you may pick these two as your party members (Since Nanjo is a default character in the SEBEC route, you can use him if you want in the SQQ). Here are the locations of your party members:

  • Elly is in the Library (図書室).
  • Nanjo is in the Infirmary (保健室).

After you have recruited either one of them. Head to the Cafeteria (学食), a large long rectangular room in the middle of the map, and talk to Brown. There will be a Persona initiation fight. Afterward, you may accept or deny Brown's joining. If you check the members' Levels, they now all match the MC's, that is the reason of only leveling up the MC at the beginning. With all the four members recruited, the Velvet Room is now available and the gates to the three towers have also thawed.

Fusing Personas

Head to the casino and exchange the coins into the tablets we want. Five is optimal but two are acceptable if you are fed up with the casino. Make sure to get one Element, preferably the Evil Ice Tablet (凍魔の石版) for Mabufudyne; and one Force, preferably the Scorching Tablet (灼熱の石版) for Megidolaon.

Walk around the corridors until the screen shows a NEW MOON, enter the Velvet Room and fuse these Personas:

Persona 1st Demon 2nd Demon Fusion Item For
MOON Lilim Preta Hoodlum Scorching Tablet MC
PRIESTESS Ame no Uzume Jack Frost Cait Sith Evil Fire Tablet Elly, Nanjo, Brown
HERMIT Fuutai Ihika Any Zombie Flash Tablet Nanjo, Brown
MAGICIAN Urvashi Pixie Nacht Kobold Evil Ice Tablet Ayase
STAR Janus Slime Any Zombie Scorching Tablet Yukino

After fusing, remember to equip them in the Velvet Room.


No need to buy any equipment at the Ice Castle. However, if you are worried, invest on protection only. Do not buy any weapons, they will work like declawed kitty scratches in the Thanatos Tower.

Thanatos Tower (タナトスの塔)

There are a few things to know about this "infiltration":

  • The foes can wipe your party out in usually 1 to 2 hits, use Contact to avoid big battles.
  • The whole adventure is timed, you are given three hours to complete the tower. The timer only counts the duration of walking in the dungeon in 1st person view. All other occasions, including menus, encounters, conversations in rooms, and cutscenes do not count.
  • If any character dies in the Thanatos Tower, his/her Persona will be sealed. Go to the first room in Tartarus (タルタロス) located on the 2F to recover any sealed Personas.
  • Finally, there is no saving in the tower thus players can only perform a suspend save. Which means once your party is annihilated, you'll have to restart the Thanatos Tower over again.

To minimize possible frustration, you may connect your PSP to the PC with a USB cable and keep a backup of the suspend save file. After doing that, you should be good to go!!

If you have any difficulty, see the SQQ walkthrough for details. If you'd like to try it yourself, remember the followings:

  • Before you enter the Thanatos Tower, make sure you have switched to the new Personas through the Personas option in the menu.
  • In the first encounter, talk some of the stronger demons away and keep the weaker ones. In the beginning, a few of them should definitely be avoided: All types of angels, Yaksini (ヤクシニー), Arachne (アルケニー), and Kuchisake-onna (くちさけ). Contact them by making their mood Eager, blinking with yellow.
  • Once you are left with the weaker demons, use the skills of your new Personas on them. Since their Levels are so high, your Personas will instantly rank up and learn the skills given by the tablets. Once their advanced skills are available, spam them at the target.
  • Keep treading carefully and head straight up to the 3F, use the 500,000 Yen you have saved up to fully equip the party. Purchase protection first and then Guns. Remember to save at least 5,000 Yen to purchase a Mirror Shard in Tartarus.
  • Go back down to Tartarus and retrieve any sealed Personas.
  • Continue to play as usual, always reduce the number of foes first, then attack with the strongest skills.

Good luck!

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