Mikage-cho (御影町)

  • Head to the Mikage Police Station.
  • The prizes at both Mikage Sun Mall and Joy Street casinos are upgraded.

Mikage Police Station (御影警察署)

  • At the entrance, search the key box at the top right, and get the Prison Key (留置場の鍵).
  • Go through 1F > 2F > 1F and head to the Holding Cell.
  • Awakening battle. Mark then joins force.
  • You may recruit Brown into your team permanently. If you want to get other characters or Reiji instead, decline Brown.
  • Leave the Mikage Police Station.

Mikage-cho (御影町)

  • After the Police Station event, you may fuse Personas now in the Velvet Room.
  • You may recruit Elly at the Subway (地下鉄御影駅) into your team permanently. If you want to get other characters or Reiji instead, decline Elly.
  • Once you have declined Brown and Elly, there is no way back, so think carefully.

Abandoned Factory (廃工場)

  • Talk to Ayase at the entrance. You may recruit her into the team permanently. If you want to get Reiji instead, decline her. However, if you have not completed all the flags to recruit Reiji, you will be coerced to let Ayase join.
  • Pull the lever on the wall to the top right to open the elevator.
  • If Ayase joins, there will be an awakening battle.
  • Manipulate the two levers to control the walls and reveal the way to the SEBEC building.
  • The next section is fairly long without much for breaks, so you may want to take some time to fuse new Personas with your spell cards, or be willing to dump spell cards for new ones to keep current with the encountered demons.

SEBEC Building (セベクビル)

  • 1F West: Agastya Tree, Trish's Spring, and General Store.
  • 1F: Take the elevator and head to 5F. (Search 2F, 3F, and 4F for items first if you wish.)
  • 5F: Head to the southeast, take the stairs, and return to 1F.
  • 1F East: Agastya Tree, Trish's Spring, and General Store.
  • Take the stairs at the middle and go back up to 5F.
  • Press the switch at the desk in the President's Office (支社長室) to open a hidden door.

SEBEC Underground Lab (地下研究所)

  • Head to the B1 and enter the Deva System Chamber (デヴァシステム).
  • Press the red button (赤いボタン) and help Dr. Nicholai (ニコライ博士). Related to how many ultimate Personas you can get at the end.
  • You will be transported to Old Gym in St. Hermelin High in another dimension.

St. Hermelin High (Another World) (聖エルミン学園・異世界)

  • Maki withdraws from party temporary.
  • Talk to Yosuke Naito (内藤陽介) in Class 2-5.
  • Maki returns, and the school becomes "St. Hermelin ???".
  • Use the free healing at the Infirmary (保健室).

St. Hermelin ??? (聖エルミン学園???)

  • 1F West: Agastya Tree x 2, Velvet Room, Trish's Spring, and General Store.
  • 2F: If there are only four people in the team, head to the Art Room (美術室). Fight a battle and then Reiji will join force.
  • 2F: Pass through the Art Room and head to 1F east.
  • 1F East: Agastya Tree and Velvet Room.
  • Head back St. Hermelin High (Another World).
  • 3F: Talk to Tsutomu (黒瓜) in the Library (図書室).

Mikage-cho (Another World), West Side (御影町・異世界(西側))

  • You can check out the new inventories in Yin & Yan and Mikage Sun Mall.
  • Head to Alaya Shrine.

Alaya Shrine (アラヤ神社)

  • Event.
  • Leave and then head to the Historical Society (御影郷土資料館).

Historical Society (御影郷土資料館)

  • Obtain the Expel Mirror (破魔の鏡).
  • Head to the Subway Entrance.

West Subway Entrance (地下鉄御影駅・構内(西側))

  • After the fight, go to the East Subway Entrance and exit.
  • Head east to the Black Market.

Black Market (ブラックマーケット)

  • Enter the Peace Diner for an event.
  • Head to the Kama Palace by going through the door in front of the Velvet Room.
  • Before challenging this dungeon, stock up on Dis-Stones or Slick Drops. You can also fuse some Personas that resist Stone conditions.
  • You may consider buying a few Emergency Exits in case you get lost or need to restock.

Kama Palace (カーマ宮殿)

  • B2F Elevator > B4F Pitfall > B5F Pitfall > B6F East Pitfall > B7F Pitfall > B8F Pitfall > B9F East Pitfall.
  • B10F - Queen's Chamber: Talk to Harem Queen (ハーレムクイーン) and you will be sent back to the Black Market.
  • Go through the Kama Palace one more time.
  • Talk to the Harem Queen again
    • If you answer "The Queen's is better." (クイーンの絵の方が上手い), Boss Fight A will happen.
    • If you answer "Maki's is better." (麻希の絵の方が上手い), Boss Fight B will happen. Pick this answer! Related to how many ultimate Personas you can get at the end.
  • After the boss fight, head to B7F and take the elevator back up to B2F.
  • Proceed to the Mana Castle (マナの城).

Mana Castle (マナの城)

  • Talk to Aki.
  • Head to the Lost Forest through the West Subway Entrance.

East Subway Entrance (地下鉄御影駅・構内(東側))

  • New demons appear in random encounters.

Lost Forest (迷いの森)

NOTICE: This dungeon is important because your decisions affects if you can get the Normal Ending or "Another Ending", aka Bad Ending. SAVE before, or keep a back up if you wish to see both Endings.

  • Walk through the spinning floors and head to the Gingerbread House.
  • In the Gingerbread House, talk to the girl in white (白い服を着た女の子), Mai (まい):
    • Won't I be safe if I hide here? (かくててればあんぜんでしょ?)
      • Stop hiding. (逃げるな) / Yes, it's safe here. (うん安全だ) / That's true, but… (そうだけど…) / I don't really know. (わからないぞ)
    • Why are you all trying so hard? (なぜお兄ちゃんはたたかうの?)
      • For myself. (自分のため) / Just 'cause. (なんとなく) / For everyone's sake. (みんなのため) / That's how it went. (なりゆきで)
    • What are you living for? (なぜ生きてるの?)
      • I don't really know. (…何でだろう) / To find my reason. (その答えを探すため)
  • You will be given an option to re-do your answers in case you messed up.
  • If you picked the bold answers above > Normal Ending. On top of that, you will not have to fight the boss here.
  • If you picked any of the non-bold answers > Bad Ending. And you will know because you'll have a boss fight:
  • Receive an item, Compact Half (半分のコンパクト).
  • Go through the West Subway Entrance again and return to the Mana Castle.

Mikage-cho (Another World), East Side (御影町・異世界(東側))

  • The inventory at the Black Market has upgraded.

Mana Castle (マナの城)

  • Investigate the platform near the entrance, you
  • will be able to use the Compact Half to open a hidden door.
  • 1F South > 2F > 3F Northeast > 4F (Dark Zone) > 5F (Dark Zone).
  • After the battle, go south from the Mana Castle and head to the Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion (幽霊屋敷)

  • If you have been using Maki as an exclusive healer, have another character equip a healing Persona at the Velvet Room; Maki will not join the boss fight in this dungeon.
  • Go through: 1F Northwest > 2F Central > 3F.
  • Talk to Hariti (ハリティー)
    • If you answer "Fight Hariti" (ハリティーと戦う), a boss battle will begin.
    • If you answer "Lower your weapons" (ハリティーと戦わない). You choose not to fight her, this is the recommended answer. Related to how many ultimate Personas you can get at the end.
  • After the battle, you'll be taken to Deva Yuga automatically.

Deva Yuga (デヴァ・ユガ)

  • 1F: Agastya Tree, General Store, Trish's Spring, and Velvet Room.
  • Take the elevator up to 3F > back to 1F through stairs > up to 5F through stairs.
  • 5F: Pull the lever on the wall at the east to unlock a room at the middle.
  • 5F: At the middle room, pull the lever and activate a pitfall. Jump into the pitfall.
  • 4F: Walk up to 6F.
  • Light up the floors by stepping on it so that the pattern of the lit floor mirrors the pattern on the ceiling.
  • Event with Takahisa Kandori (神取鷹久).
    • Answer "To find my reason." (その答えを探すため) Related to how many ultimate Personas you can get at the end.
  • Maki will leave the party for a while.
  • Walk down the stairs, go through the pitfall on 4F, and then head to Maki's Hospital Room on the 3F.
  • Talk to Maki.
    • If you have fought Mr. Bear in the Lost Forest, then you will watch the Bad Ending.
    • If not, story continues.
  • You will receive the Broken Compact (壊れたコンパクト) and Green Compact (緑のコンパクト).
  • Check the upper right corner of the room to get the Chaos Mirror Shard (混沌の鏡の破片).
  • You will then be taken to the Lost Forest automatically.

Mikage-cho (Another World), West Side (御影町・異世界(西側))

  • New inventory available in the convenience stores.

Lost Forest (迷いの森)

  • The Broken Compact and Chaos Mirror Shard will become the Red Compact (赤いコンパクト).
  • Talk to Mai in the Gingerbread House.
  • A door leading to the deeper layer of the forest will open.

Inner Lost Forest (迷いの森・奥)

  • Head to the center room and talk to Maki:
    • You know I'm the worst girl alive! (最低の女だって思うでしょ?)
      • Don't hide like that! (逃げるな!) Related to how many ultimate Personas you can get at the end. / Maybe you are… (そうかもしれない・・・)
  • Maki returns to the party.
  • Go back to talk to Mai in the Gingerbread House.
  • Exit and head south to the Alaya Shrine.

Alaya Shrine (アラヤ神社)

  • Conversation event. After the event, the MC and Maki then can enter the Alaya Cavern (アラヤの岩戸).
  • You may talk to the mysterious butterfly to reform the original party, but only the MC and Maki can enter the Alaya Cavern.

Alaya Cavern (アラヤの岩戸)

  • B2F: Trish's Spring.
  • B3F: Agastya Tree.
  • B8F: Agastya Tree. And you may collect a set of Totems that would give you the ultimate Personas for the team. According to what you answered before, the total number of Totems obtained can change:
    1. You choose to help the nurse at the Reception Desk of Mikage Hospital.
    2. You pressed the red button and helped Dr. Nicholai in the Deva System Chamber of the SEBEC Building.
    3. You answered "Maki's is better." to the Harem Queen at the Queen's Chamber in the Kama Palace.
    4. You answered "Lower your weapons" to Hariti in the Haunted Mansion.
    5. You answered "To find my reason." to Kandori at Deva Yuga.
    6. You answered "Don't hide like that!" to Maki at the Inner Lost Forest.
  • B9F: Talk to Maki's consciousness and obtain the Blue Compact (青いコンパクト).

Alaya Shrine (アラヤ神社)

  • Reunite with the other three members.
  • Go back to St. Hermelin High.

St. Hermelin High (Another World) (聖エルミン学園・異世界)

  • You may enter the Avidya World through the Library on the 3F.

Avidya World (アヴィデア界)

  • 1F Central: Agastya Tree, General Store, Trish's Spring, and Velvet Room.
  • 1F East: Agastya Tree.
  • 2F: Agastya Tree.
  • 1F North: Agastya Tree, General Store, Trish's Spring, and Velvet Room. Purchase lots of recovery and revival items.
  • Pandora's Nest: Meet with Pandora (パンドラ) for the final boss battle.

After Clearing

The Depths of the Mikage Ruins (御影遺跡) will be unlocked.

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