How to recruit Reiji


Reiji is one of the characters that is not available by default, some actions are needed in order for him to join. This section provides the details. Notice that he is only available in the SEBEC route.

Right after the start of the game, before heading to the Mikage Hospital (御影総合病院), do the following:

  1. Talk to the teacher in the Teacher's Lounge (職員室) next to the 1F Entrance Hall, and learn about the student hanging out in the Empty Classroom on the 2F.
  2. Go to the Empty Classroom (空教室) to the west furthest to the back at 2F, meet Reiji for the first time.
  3. Go talk to the male student (男子生徒) in Class 2-1.
  4. Head to the convenience store at Joy Street (ジョイ通り), talk to Reiji's mother (レイジ母). Tell her that (i) you know about her son (知っている) and (ii) you will be happy to be his friend (いいよ). Only talk to her once.
  5. Head to the casino in the same mall, and talk to the blonde man (チーマー). He will tell that Reiji likes to wander at the Abandoned Factory.
  6. Go to the Abandoned Factory (廃工場) and meet with Reiji. He will just leave instantly.

After you have cleared the Transformed Mikage Hospital (異界化御影総合病院):

  1. Head down to the SEBEC Building (セベクビル), there will be some guards blocking the road. See the event involving Reiji.
  2. Keep playing with only four members (MC, Maki, Mark, and Nanjo). Whenever other members (Brown, Elly, and Ayase) propose to join, decline.
  3. Eventually the MC's school will become one of the dungeons, meet with Reiji on the 2F and he will join forcefully.
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