Common route

St. Hermelin High (聖エルミン学園)

Pick your level of difficulty. The storyline does not change regarding the difficulty.

Do this if you want to get Reiji

Right after the start of the game, before leaving the school, do the following:

  1. Talk to the teacher in the Teacher's Lounge (職員室) and learn about the student hanging out in the Empty Classroom on the 2F.
  2. Go to the Empty Classroom (空教室) at 2F, meet Reiji for the first time.
  3. Go talk to the male student (男子生徒) in Class 2-1.
  • Leave the school and visit the town.

Mikage-cho (御影町)

Do this if you want to get Reiji

Before entering the hospital, do the following:

  1. Head to the convenience store at Joy Street (ジョイ通り), talk to Reiji's mother (レイジ母). Tell her that (i) you know about her son (知っている) and (ii) you will be happy to be his friend (いいよ).
  2. Head to the casino in the same mall, and talk to the blonde man (チーマー). He will tell that Reiji likes to wander at the Abandoned Factory.
  3. Go to the Abandoned Factory (廃工場) and meet with Reiji. He will just leave instantly.
  • You can also access different facilities at the Mikage Sun Mall, Joy Street, and Yin & Yan.

Mikage Hospital (御影総合病院)

  • Head to Room 3-2 to visit your classmate.

Transformed Mikage Hospital (異界化御影総合病院)

  • Fight with the Zombie Nurses (ゾンビナース) and Mr. Zombies (ゾンビさん) and see the awakening. Mark, Nanjo, and Yukino join force.
  • Walk through the dungeon: 2F > 3F > 2F > 1F. Make good use of the free healing service on the 1F.
  • Enter the Reception Desk, choose to help the nurse (手をかす). Related to how many ultimate Personas you can get at the end.
  • Another awakening fight, Elly joins force.

Do this if you want to get Reiji

After you have cleared the Transformed Mikage Hospital, do the following:

  1. Head down to the SEBEC Building (セベクビル), there will be some guards blocking the road. See the event involving Reiji.

Mikage-cho (御影町)

  • There will be random encounter on the streets now.
  • If you would like to challenge the SQQ and fight the hardest tower first, there are something you better start here. More details.

Alaya Shrine (アラヤ神社)

  • Enjoy the event. Nanjo and Mark leave team.
  • You get free healing by talking to the butterfly.

St. Hermelin High (聖エルミン学園)

  • Once entered the school, Elly and Yukino leave team.
  • Talk to Maki's mother, Setsuko Sonomura (園村節子), in the Infirmary.

There are some useful items in the Club Rooms behind the Gym. No matter which route you pick, collect them before you miss them for good.

To go to the SEBEC route:

  • Head out through the strange hole next to the trash burner. Maki and Nanjo join force.
  • Awakening battle.
  • To SEBEC!!

To go to the Snow Queen Quest:

  1. Talk to the female student (女子生徒) in Class 2-4
  2. Talk to Tsutomu (黒瓜) in the Library on the 3F
  3. Head to the Drama Club (演劇部) at the St. Hermelin Gym on the 1F and talk to the people inside. (Walk through the emergency exit on the 1F, pass through the trash burner in the 1F Passageway, and walk along. You'll enter another map. You'll find an indoor gym, walk around the outside of the gym and you'll find some club rooms at the other end. The Drama Club is at the first door, but also visit the other rooms cause you'll get some extra equipments)
  4. Head back up to the 3F and talk to the people in the Student Council Room (生徒会)
  5. Go downstairs to the 1F and talk to Principal Ooishi (大石校長) in the Principal's Office (校長室)
  6. Now go back to St. Hermelin Gym, go inside the Gym (体育館) and go through the door next to the stage. You'll enter the Gym Storage (倉庫). Take the item, Snow Queen Mask (雪の女王の仮面), from inside the box.
  7. Head back to the 1F Passageway and watch the scene.
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