Level matching

New members' Level will be increased to match the MC's (only if the MC's Level is higher) when they join (or rejoin in some cases). This mechanism can be exploited to make the game a bit easier to handle:

Occasion 1
After leaving the Mikage Hospital for the first time, raise the MC to about Level 20 if you wish to enter the SQQ. By the time SQQ is initiated, the newly joined members will also be of Level 20. This makes the whole SQQ much more manageable.

Occasion 2
For Maki, this trick can be used twice. After clearing Deva Yuga, Maki will leave the party. During her absence, raise the MC's level. When Maki joins again later, her Level will be brought up.

Awakening of the Persona

In battles where characters' Persona awaken, they will certainly level up. Using this trick, players can rip some extra EXP. Go fight these battles after you have leveled to maximize the benefit.

  1. 2F, Transformed Mikage Hospital (異界化御影総合病院)
  2. Reception Desk, Transformed Mikage Hospital (異界化御影総合病院)
  3. Outside the St. Hermelin High (聖エルミン学園)
  4. Police Station (御影警察署)
  5. Abandoned Factory (廃工場)
  6. 2F, Transformed St. Hermelin High (異界化聖エルミン学園)
  7. Cafeteria (学食), Ice Castle (氷の城)

Persona EXP

Persona get less EXP if the enemies are finished off with weapons or firearms. The reverse is true if the enemies are killed by the Persona's skills.

New graphic for Lucifer

Raise Lucifer to Rank 8 and his Persona graphic will change when using the skill Dark Vedict.

Fusion cheat (Confirmed for the JPN version and NA version)

After starting a game from a hard reset (on/off button) or a soft reset (with the PS home button), fusion accidents can be arranged by carefully counting the steps before entering the Velvet Room. Details are as follows:

  • This only happens with the two type of resets mentioned above. Restarting the game from the in-game system menu does not work
  • Does not work with fusions using magic stone tablets or items
  • Works with fusions using artifacts or gems
  • Only work in the Velvet Rooms where enemies do not appear in the surrounding
  • Seems to be irrelevant to moon cycle
  • In SQQ, outcomes may differ. It was tested that race change or FOOL happen the same way. Also, in SQQ, the steps inside the Infirmary also count.
White Fusion
Outcome Number of steps Notes
All Stats +2 6, 25, 33, 58 -
Random spell inheritance 31, 59, 62, 75 -
Result becomes FOOL 101, 211, 230, 517 -
Result becomes TEMPERANCE 49, 285, 795 Works with Genbu fusion
Result becomes JUSTICE 79, 537 -
Result becomes WORLD 216, 1138, 1143 -
Result becomes CHARIOT 216, 1138, 1143 -
Result becomes LOVERS 275, 1368 -
Result becomes MAGICIAN 333 -
Result becomes SUN 546 -
Result becomes JUDGMENT 656 -
Result becomes HERMIT 840 -
Result becomes PRIESTESS 847 -
Result becomes HIEROPHANT 1105 -
Result becomes MOON 1194 -
Red Fusion
Outcome Number of steps Notes
Random spell inheritance 21, 31, 59, 75, 105, 111, 167, 239, 253 -
Result becomes FOOL 275, 537, 546 -
Result becomes TEMPERANCE 49 -
Blue Fusion
Outcome Number of steps Notes
Result becomes TEMPERANCE 49 -

NOTE: You can guarantee 101 steps (for FOOL fusion) while in the Mikage Sun Mall. All you have to do is walk 4 steps right after exiting Agastya tree room, then walking 2 more steps so you're back is at the door of Judgement 1999. then you can just keep on walking left and right and all the odd number step counts will bring you in front of the door of velvet room. This also works for 31 steps if you want random skill inheritance for white fusion. Also, this will work for the 275 steps needed to create FOOL in red fusion. Most of the fusion accidents can be achieved in this mall.

Also, if you are aiming for a FOOL fusion while in the Black Market ( Mall in Joy Street), then the 230 steps will also do.

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