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Depths of Mikage Ruins (御影遺跡)

The Depths of the Mikage Ruins (御影遺跡) will be unlocked once you have cleared the SEBEC route.


  • Finished with either Bad or Good Ending.


  • B8F: Pull three different levers to open up three walls.
  • B8F Southeast: Jump into a hole and drop down to B9F.
  • B9F: Pull a lever here to open up a wall on B8F.
  • B8F: Pull another lever.
  • B9F: Pass through the one-way trap floor and head to B10F.
  • B10F: Answer the quiz correctly.
    • In the JPN version, the sequence of the answers is: "Right", "Left", "Right", "Left", and "Middle".
  • B11F: Follow the words on the door, approach carefully to avoid damage.
Door # Message
1 E3, S2, W1, S1
2 S1, W1, S2, E3
3 N1, E2, N2, W1, N1, W1, N1
4 N1, W1, N2, E1, N1, E2, S1, E1
5 E1, N1, E2, N1, E2, S2, W1, S2, W2, S1
6 S1, W2, S2, E3, S2, W1, S1
  • If you are fed up with it, just use a Core Shield to nullify floor damage.
  • B12F: Search the six stone tablets to start battles.
Corner Mini-Boss Battle Items
S Lust, Lilim, Succubus Pearl and Dark Wave Tablet
SE Greed, Preta, Ocelot Ruby and Holy Writ Tablet
NW Wrath, Hecatoncheires, Girimehkala Diamond and Evil Fire Tablet
N Pride, Dominion, Oberon Alexandrite and Scorching Tablet
NE Sloth, Paimon, Slime Sapphire and Doggerel Tablet
SE Envy, Kuchisake-onna, Hannya Emerald and Ebon Rope Tablet
  • After all the six battles are done, check the tablet at the center room and begin the final boss fight.
    • Notice that if you leave the dungeon before defeating the final boss, you will have to start from the previous six mini-bosses again next time you visit.
  • When it's over, you'll earn the Mikage Ruins Conquest Badge (御影遺跡制覇の勲章).

Summit of Devil's Peak (悪魔の山)

The Summit of Devil's Peak will be unlocked once you have cleared the Snow Queen Quest.


  • Received Good Ending in Snow Queen Quest.


  • 8F: Mini-Boss Battle - Nisroc & Ukobach x 3; Berith & Alastor x 3.
  • 9F: Keep walking along the wall on this floor to prevent falling.
  • 9F: Mini-Boss Battle - Doppelganger x 5; Shadow x 5.
  • 10F: Keep away from any wall on this floor to prevent falling.
  • 10F: Mini-Boss Battle - Angel & Cupid x 3; Throne & Angel x 3.
  • 11F: Mini-Boss Battle - Ocelot x 5; Black Widow & Malphas x 2 & Catoblepas x 2.
  • 12F: Agastya Tree, Trish's Spring, and Velvet Room.
  • 12F: There are six rooms here, in each room there are three tablets. If you search a correct one, a boss fight will start. Once the enemies are defeated, the next room will be unlocked. If you searched a wrong tablet, you'll end up fighting Slimes x 6.
    • 1st Room: The left one - Purski & Vetala; Ganesha & Girimehkala.
    • 2nd Room: The right one - Ocypete & Celaeno & Aello; Megaera & Tisiphone & Alecto.
    • 3rd Room: The left one - Selket & Mangadhai; Gdon & Fenrir.
    • 4th Room: The left one - Culebre & Cromm Cruach; Fafnir & Ouroboros.
    • 5th Room: The right one - Dominion & Barbatos; Adramelech & Cherub.
    • 6th Room: the middle one - Pyro Jack x 3; Jack Frost x 2
  • When it's over, you'll get a Snow Conquest Badge (雪の勲章).
  • The bosses can be challenged again even you have already got the badge.

What do the Badges do?

Nothing. It serves no actual purpose other than bragging rights.

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